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Write clear instructions The primary objective of user manuals is to help users complete tasks.

How to create an instruction manual

Passive voice: Supplies that will be needed to complete this project include a hammer, a screwdriver, and a rubber mallet. In fact, you will never stop testing your user documentation. You probably looked first at the index or the table of contents. Topic based authoring Topic based authoring means that writing technical manuals comes down to writing building blocks that can be reused in other or newer technical manuals. Find out more on our 3-day, user experience immersion seminar. Being wordy just to add content and to make the manual longer is never recommended. It is easy to jump into the user manual half way through a task. Using examples when trying to explain technical information makes the explaining easier. There are at least three principles that lead to effective manual writing: Simplified Technical English STE , minimalism and topic based authoring.

Consider the time-frames for this project and each task in particular. Write down all sections and subsections of you documentation.

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There are several levels of user documentation testing. Of course, there will be a foreword or an introduction in any user manual.

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Give links to relevant style guides. If a question can be answered in a few sentences then it is best to leave it that way. His work has influenced design for the US, European and Asian markets, for everything from banking software and medical devices to store displays, packaging and even baby care products. But, as this point is crucial, we need to dig deeper. The table of contents will help guide readers throughout the user manual. Also, STE limits the number of words in a sentence to roughly Use parallel construction for each step. If you are writing a user manual for first-time users of an alarm system, it could be that you need to explain how to set up the sensors in a room. Then, you might be able to prepare the documentation structure for hosting more help topics that do not fit into the initial scheme. Conversational answers seem to help people feel more at ease, helping them to understand better. However, it is necessary to tell personnel from a small company how to replace printer cartridges.

The third consideration is also very important. Maybe Manualise can help you.

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Here are some guidelines to help make instructions easy on the user. Being wordy just to add content and to make the manual longer is never recommended. Publish in any additonal shape or form 1.

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