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When the tramp re-enters the bar shaking a collection tin the 'posh' man waves him away but a frail old nun makes a very charitable donation. What other problems could the trumpeter solve? What does the boy wish for? First impressions? In the end who was the 'better' person.

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Is it dangerous turning the 'light' on and off. The boy leaves the tree, now a stump. Write a story about another musical instrument Carry out some oral story telling - children giving musical instruments magical powers Write about the magic trumpeter - who is he what is his name?

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Can we justify our answers? Would that matter? The collars etc. The rabbit and raccoon work together and go on their ways.

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I am the King by Leo Timmers One morning Tortoise is suddenly wearing a crown and he is very excited, thinking he is the king. Language The language used will depend on the audience of the letter; if you are trying to persuade the recipient of a particular idea, then your language may be positive and upbeat in tone. Could it be used for good? I would like to be considered for the position. The tree loves the boy very much and gives him anything he asks for. Treasure By Chelsea Bartlett Esther, a homeless woman, is searching through a junkyard. Is it dangerous turning the 'light' on and off. Example Here is an example of a job application letter. A twist in the plot leads to a humorous and interesting ending - with a not so swift getaway. Look at use of animals in other jobs. Writing Ideas Write some dialogue between the Barber and his first customer or between the barber and the Trumpeter. What do we know about 'Freakshows' at fairs? What should the main character do? Perhaps have some objects in class for the children to describe in this way.

What is it advertising? Collect and group related points - family, work, achievements etc.

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