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Others may use the low-carb approach to justify consuming large amounts of foods high in saturated fats—eggs, steak, bacon, and so forth. Nutraceuticals World. Journal of the American Medical Association, 9 , — Sourcing information can also be useful for its fast checking by your professor. This way, the reader can easily follow through on the ideas presented in the paper. A moderately overweight person who wants to lose only a few pounds is best advised to choose whatever plan will help him stay active and consume fewer calories consistently—whether or not it involves eating low-carb ketchup. Choosing lean meats over those high in fat and supplementing the diet with high-fiber, low-glycemic-index carbohydrates, such as leafy green vegetables, is a healthier plan for dieters to follow. Gender-biased: When a writer cites a source in the body of his paper, he must list it on his references page. Print out a hard copy of your paper. Before you submit your final draft, you should read what you have written all the way through at least once more. Make sure the type is large enough that you can focus on only one paragraph at a time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of America, 36 , — If it's appropriate, you can present some information in tables, charts, or graphs, and you can import graphics. Revise to Improve Cohesion When you revise to improve cohesion, you analyze how the parts of your paper work together.

Allow sufficient time for thorough revision because this is likely to be the version you will submit. Exercise 3 Using Checklist Return the essay and compare notes. University tutors expect student assignments to be of a certain standard.

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Each entry in my references section is indented on the second line and all subsequent lines. Do evaluate your evidence. If you prefer to work with an electronic document, use the menu options in your word-processing program to enlarge the text to or percent of the original size.

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Unlike spelling errors, grammatical errors are not obvious. Mark any areas where you notice problems in style or tone, and then take time to rework those sections. Print out a hard copy of your paper. It is a process that requires extreme caution, because grammatical mistakes may be far less obvious than spelling errors.

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