Write a shape poem online

More Ideas To Try On a sheet of paper to use for writing additional theme poems, sketch other shapes that do not appear in the online Themee Poems tool.

Go to the online Theme Poems tool and have the child enter his or her name. Encourage the child to get extra creative by playing around with the words of the poem to fit inside the shape. It really helps me create amazing presents. Once the child has chosen a shape, you will see a screen in which to enter eight words or phrases to describe the shape.

These shapes can tie to topics the child is learning about in school or because of personal interest. Think about the space of the shape; try using fewer words on a line where the space is narrow and more words on a line where the shape is wider. Click Continue and ask the child what the main idea of the poem will be.

Follow the same process as the tool by thinking of words to describe the shape before beginning to write the shape poem. Move the words around so that similar words are on the same line or are next to each other.

easy concrete poems

Enter your text and shape choice.

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How to Make a Shape Poem on the Computer