Watercolour lessons

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I decided to make this quick lesson of how to draw water lilies, and paint it in with watercolor paint. We also made ink out of old markers and rubbing alcohol. Or add a new skill to your design arsenal?

I also know how it feels to deny your inner artist, doubt yourself, and deal with stress and anxiety. That usually means for me is that I need to go to a store and feel the paper before buying. For younger students, you may want to limit the information, techniques, and artists you present.

Then using a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, dab the paper.

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We learn vocabulary, discuss the different types of brushes, papers, and paints, and look at master artists. Brushes Watercolor brushes come in many shapes, sizes, and price points, and the choices can quickly become overwhelming.

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Watercolor Techniques: a 6th grade experiment