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One of the first demonstrations of a hypertext system, in which a user could click a mouse on a highlighted word in a document and immediately access a different part of the document or, in fact, another document entirelyoccurred at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco.

When personal computers PCs became available in the s, the spreadsheet initially VisiCalc was the application that accelerated the adoption of the new hardware by businesses.

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Instead of reworking the existing backbone, ANS added a new, privately owned backbone for commercial services in These interface message processors IMPs —each the size of a large refrigerator and painted battleship gray—were highly sought after by DARPA-sponsored researchers, who viewed possession of an IMP as evidence they had joined the inner circle of networking research. The stage was now set for the Internet, which was first used by scientists, then by academics in many disciplines, and finally by the world at large. Research in packet switching evolved in unexpected directions and had unanticipated consequences. Cellular networks use several radio communications technologies. Companies assessing WLANs as primary means of connectivity often have users who rely exclusively on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to do work. It was originally pursued to make more-efficient use of limited computing capabilities and later seen as a means of linking the research and education communities. In most twisted pair Ethernet configurations, repeaters are required for cable that runs longer than meters. The widespread adoption of Internet technology has created a number of new companies in industries that did not exist 20 years ago, and most companies that did exist 20 years ago are incorporating Internet technology into their business operations. Companies like Yahoo! Terrestrial microwaves are in the low gigahertz range, which limits all communications to line-of-sight. Occasionally in computing, a "killer application" appears that becomes far more popular than its developers expected. The size of an Ethernet MAC address is six octets.

Turing Award for this work. WAN is a network that covers a large geographical area. During the s, networks were widely deployed, initially to support scientific research. Companies like Yahoo! The chapter is not intended to be comprehensive; rather, it focuses on the federal role in both funding research and supporting the deployment of networking infrastructure.

Firewalls[ edit ] A firewall is a network device for controlling network security and access rules. In fact, the Web—now considered to be a major driver of the way society accesses and views information—is the result of numerous projects in computer networking, mostly funded by the federal government, carried out over the last 40 years.

The success of the Internet can therefore, in many ways, be seen as the success of an open system and open architecture in the face of proprietary competition.

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