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Hackman and Wageman For instance, the bottle was not fully filled, dirty bottles, no crown or bottle cover, out of specification, spilling beverage and so on. This matter triggers a tight competition that should or will have to be faced by each company in the world.

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Most companies use TQM to 16 improve customer value and to increase the sales and profitability from goods and services.

It shows the successful of Coca-Cola to keep providing good quality for their customers. European Foundation for Quality Management Total Quality is a description of the culture, attitude and organization of a company that strives to provide customers with products and services that satisfy their needs.

On-going education and training of all employees supports the drive for quality.

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There was this suspicion that information given will be handed over to other manufacturing companies. Information is generally viewed as very confidential and as a result of that, enough data was not gathered for the study. Easton, G. Further empirical studies using larger sample sizes, greater geographical diversity, and firm type diversity would be helpful in validating specific parts of the theoretical models proposed in this study. Any faulty products are taken off the main production line. Puravankara, D. With Training of staff, the employees of Coca — Cola Bottling Company are being trained to understand how to operate machinery. Does your company practice Total Quality Management? Also the researcher discovered that Coca — Cola Bottling Company of Ghana — Kumasi encounters problems with the acquisition of logistics and training of personnel to be more equip and knowledge about the implementation of quality. The importance of quality tools, such as the seven QC tools, as aids in the work to improve quality has been stated by Gaafar and Keats , Ginder , Imai , and Mizuno Through supplier development and capability-building programs such as the GFSI Global Markets Programme and others, we continue to strengthen the quality and food safety assurance processes of our supply base Ensuring the safety and quality of our products has always been at the core of our business and is directly linked to the success of The Coca-Cola Company.

The fact is that, the research is being combined with academic work and this affected the study to some extent. The findings highlighted the fact that inspection is indeed a critical factor of quality management. Thus, creating an environment which empowers employees and gives them the opportunity to impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs, causes them the employees to be actively involved in the firm, and increases organizational commitment.

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Total Quality Management & its application in Coca