The elements contained in the environmental management system

The cycle repeats, and continuous improvement occurs. For example, an organization may choose worker health and safety, environmental compliance, and cost as its criteria. Waste reduction begins at the design phase through pollution prevention and waste minimization.

The plan is then revised to optimize the effectiveness of the EMS.

environmental management system audit

The results of this evaluation are then reviewed by top management to see if the EMS is working. An objective is an overall environmental goal e. An effective EMS will: Define environmental responsibilities for all staff. Without accountability on both end of the spectrum, employees may falsify reports due to fear of management retribution.

Elements of environmental management system iso 14001

Environmental and sustainability goals for quality initiatives are relatively recent. Kausek identifies four significant economic benefits: Corporate reputation and image Lower environmentally related costs and fees Increased access to new customers Direct savings through environmental source reduction Susan L. The EMS helps to develop, implement, manage, coordinate and monitor environmental policies. Attract shareholders and investors. By not being compliant, companies may face fines, government intervention or may not be able to operate. Waste reduction goes beyond compliance to reduce environmental impact. Without follow through, the audit would just be a meaningless paper exercise. This includes designating responsibilities, establishing a schedule, and outlining clearly defined steps to meet the targets. Goals[ edit ] The goals of EMS are to increase compliance and reduce waste: [4] Compliance is the act of reaching and maintaining minimal legal standards. The next step is implementation.

Commitment and Policy - Top management commits to environmental improvement and establishes the organization's environmental policy. Its adoption as a European Standard by the European standardisation body CEN meant that, in Europe, all similar national standards were required to be withdrawn.

An effective EMS must provide for periodic independent auditing of environmental functions with well defined procedures to correct any deficiencies that are uncovered in the audit.

benefits of environmental management system
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Key Elements of an Effective Environmental Management System