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Three key points about this relationship are: observation is central to all disciplines, and learning to observe is learning to think critically; learning terms of art is learning concepts of a field; and all disciplines use rhetorical ideas of invention and disposition organization.

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Bonus points for giving an example from disciplines where writing is less likely to be assigned! Quality Over Quantity Not just any writing assignment will do. Microtheme assignments should have leverage: they should require a lot of thinking before a little writing. Many of our students are multilingual, and many students have home languages that are not standard english. Bridgeman, Brent, and Sybil B. Discusses several standardized tests to assess critical thinking. Ernst, Karen. Examples include asking students to apply a concept learned in class to their past experience, relate knowledge learned in another class to knowledge presented in the current class, support a contestable claim with evidence, or evaluate a policy, practice, or position. Bazerman, Charles. In addition, they suggest teaching notetaking skills. Kinneavy, James L. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, no. Blair argues that WAC programs should not be housed in English depts. For a contrary opinion, see Louise Z.

Lists approximately 48 articles, books, or issues of journals that deal with WAC. Also includes an example of guided journal assignments for a psychology class. Blair argues that WAC programs should not be housed in English depts.

Describes how assignments should be presented to students. Smith's article. Carson offers suggestions on how colleges and universities can keep their WAC programs active at their universities by integrating WAC programs into the organizational structures of the specific institution: form WAC study groups; lobby for departmental status of program; and reward faculty for participation in WAC program.

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All were frustrated by students' poor writing skills. Anson, Robert M.

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Writing Across the Curriculum