Secrets of happiness

How to live a happier life

They feel treasured by me. Be grateful Each day, spend some quiet time thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for and write them down in a journal. Each happy person in a person's life increased their chances of being happy by 9 percent [source: Christakis and Fowler ]. We wake up and immediately check our email. Being forgiving means putting the pain and suffering where it rightly belongs - in the past. Not only will it make you feel better, it is contagious. What am I passionate about? When I was depressed, I could never pinpoint the source. When I decided where I wanted my life to go, my life vision, I consciously chose hobbies that would best get me there. Beliefnet You may not want to believe this, but it is true - you control your happiness. Focus on building a career in an area that motivates you and will provide you with a high level of satisfaction, and your happiness factor will go up exponentially. Do this three times a day for 45 days, and your brain will start doing it automatically. Being more fully present as we touch, see, smell, taste, and hear facilitates appreciation for being human and alive. Often, the opposite claim is made, or implied. Again, we all live pretty hectic lives, so choose goals that you will enjoy pursuing.

You can only determine what's best for you once you know where you want your life to go. None of these things are urgent. This will create a change reaction of positivity throughout the world.

Every night, make it a habit to write down five things that you are grateful for. Do Meaningful Work Happy people pursue goals that are meaningful to them and that are in line with their values and priorities. Allowing envy and resentment to take root robs us of appreciating what we have.

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What he told me changed my life. If we make a conscious effort to try any or all of these things, they will have a big impact on our level of happiness. Reminisce over happy memories.

The secret of happiness story

They are incredibly grateful for all they have. Progress is eternal. Come to your senses Literally, connecting more deeply with our body allows us to see it for what it is: a brilliant and miraculous gift. Be grateful Each day, spend some quiet time thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for and write them down in a journal. Unfortunately, taking caring of ourselves tends to take a backseat to all of the other demands in our schedule. Instead, happy people always put the important stuff first. A constant pursuit of having more of the newest and best. What makes me angry? They are able to effectively manage their anxiety and stay confident in themselves. Simply by saying the words, I feel more love for that person. It also allows the person to seek for higher and better ways of living.

Do things that make you feel alive and activate flow. They aren't able to consciously move forward in a singular direction. Most importantly, stop comparing your things to all the things everyone else has.

Secrets of happiness

Which ones add negativity and strife? Celebrate little victories. Luckily for us, someone has already prepared a list of ways to go about it. Sonja Lyubomirsky, whom I quoted earlier. One of the best things you can do to boost your happiness is to just be yourself. Surprise yourself. Do you have a hobby? Consequently, you should make a personal and public declaration that you are going to be more grateful. Instead, our brains have evolved to survive, to protect ourselves, to keep us safe. In every instance, you have a chance to practice being kind and compassionate, and paying it forward. I've been telling people all around me I love them. When you do these things, you trigger the emotion of gratitude in your life. It makes us feel better, in part because listening to music causes our brains to release dopamine, a neurochemical connected to pleasure and reward. This state, where one is fully engaged in an activity like work or a hobby, exists between being bored and being overwhelmed [source: Myers ].

This may sound easy but nurturing these important relationships takes hard work.

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The Secret to Happiness That No One Wants to Admit