Phineas gage

The role of the frontal cortex in social cognition and decision making is now well-recognised; in the 19th century, however, neurologists were only just beginning to realise these connections.

He then worked in livery stables, first in Vermont and then in Chile. Phineas P Gage, a 25 year old railroad foreman, was excavating rock.

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Their findings indicate that he suffered injuries to both the left and right prefrontal cortices, which would result in problems with emotional processing and rational decision-making. A tool with an inscription on it? On this occasion, however, he stated that Gage suffered from behavioural changes as a result of the lesions he suffered in the accident.

Was this page helpful? One of his main findings was obtained by surgically removing a large part of the prefrontal cortex in 3 monkeys.

Phineas gage

He was blind in the left eye and had left facial weakness but no focal neurological deficits. After developing an infection, Gage then spent September 23 to October 3 in a semi-comatose state. Gage's statement at that time but thought he was deceived.

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Nevertheless, Dr Harlow continued treatment, and by the fifth week the infection had resolved and Gage had regained consciousness. Phinehas P. Chris Hartlove Like this article?

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Brain case study: Phineas Gage