Pest analysis of gems and jwelery industry

Pest analysis of gems and jwelery industry

Therefore we are targeting that customer groups because that segment is usually trying to collect fashionable items when they are on foreign country visits and rich Singapore people. Therefore we will enter to the Singapore market in the month of October Even since the government of Singapore started eliminating restrictions on the sale of telecom consumer goods to make businesses more competitive.

Gems will match well and exhibit beautiful pink tones with magnificent lustre.

pestel analysis jewelry

The industry has to take in review the marketing and control orders of the Council established to provide guidance regarding trade tariffs, import duties and other trade regulations.

Government policies and revenue enhancement: From January 1, They are, 1 Emotional Rings — It includes over gemstones including round emeralds.

Therefore if future day tourists are not prefer to visit to Singapore then there will be a big fall in sales.

Environmental factors affecting jewellery industry

What is the human resource management? Product attributes. They are hardship allowances, housing allowances, cost of living expenses and education allowances. Now, Indians, the biggest buyers oI yellow metal in the world, are increasingly aware oI the quality oI gold and they now started looking Ior the branded jewellery. Recruiting of middle level managers and lower level management The middle level management and lower level management are consisting with the Singapore people. One elegant row contains 16 full cut gemstones. White goods, 4. River dredging is unique and relies on geographical nature of deposits. People consider those products as fashionable items and a way of collecting wealth. Further, the bank finance, which was mostly in dollar footings, besides faced a reverse due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations.

Economic factors: -Per capita ingestion : A Per capita ingestion power of clients may extremely impact diamond jewelryA purchase. It may so go on that the man-made diamonds are passed on as existent diamonds and in the long tally, this could impact the credibleness of the sector.

Singapore peoples dislike blue collar works like construction and other works in hard environment.

presentation on jewellery industry

The fashion trend is evolving and allowing the users to prefer to wear traditional yet modern jewelry.

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