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The continued subjugation of women economically, socially, and politically in many countries feeds this demand and accounts for some of the increase in human trafficking. Human trafficking networks often operate in conjunction with other illegal trade activities that existed prior to their involvement in human trafficking.

Human trafficking legislation. Victims are primarily trafficked for sex- and domestic labor-related exploitation, as well as to be victims of forced marriages, to work as beggars, and have their vital organs harvested.

Around 4. We as humans are endowed with certain indelible rights.

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Therefore, human trafficking should be abandoned. Eventually, greed and corruption tagged along for the ride and at that point the crimes became an organized enterprise. These people are unaware of the medical consequences of organ donation and give their consent out of desperate need for money.

It is widespread and becoming more and more prevalent in society.

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Human trafficking is the term used today rather than slavery, although the two terms can be used in a somewhat synonyms. It debases its victims into mere commodities being bought and sold to satisfy a commercial demand. Their cry for help is drowned in the sea of constant oppression and general sense of apathy which has been continuing for centuries. Began in the s and s, as global travel became more affordable and more accessible to the general population, there was an explosion in international Various international organizations have programs in place to combat human trafficking worldwide. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime reports that human trafficking occurs in at least countries and trafficked persons are exploited in countries. If you think that slavery and human trafficking only concern non-wealthy countries or countries in a state of war, you are wrong. Anyone, in any manner, can help in minimizing this condemnable condition.

Source: Skinner, E. To elaborate on the point, most of these victims live in foreign countries hence the oppressors hide their visas as soon as they reach their destinations. The first world status of the United States provides a context in which human trafficking has become a major problem when defining domestic markets for criminal organizations.

It affects many people at a time.

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