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What is the summary of the poem on killing a tree - Answers What is the summary of the poem on killing a tree? It is not just a simple jab: a quick stab or blow: to do the job.

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In the poem the tree symbolizes Nature. Essay on On Killing a Tree - Words - studymode. He cuts it to pieces and scorches and chokes it. The death the poet incorporates in this poem is poem is both natural and spiritual. He says just like stabbing a human with a knife may not lead to death, the tree cannot be killed by merely attacking it with an axe. These finds underline the need for extreme caution in interfering with the natural environment as they also highlights the pressing need for a culture of intellectual enquiry. Upon its crust, absorbing. Writing the poem Extinctions are happening at unnatural rates in many parts of the globe wherever plant and animal species in small ranges come into conflict with human demands. He doubts whether he is a god or beast.

Kumar, Shiv K. London and New York: Routldge, So, the tree cannot be killed easily. Gieve Patel Poems.

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Related Posts:. On Killing a Tree - Gieve Patel. What is the format of writing a critical Writing the poem On Killing a Tree Summary and Analysis Born inGieve Patel is an important presence in the history of modern Indian poetry in English. Additionally, he is a doctor.

This seems like a derogatory comment, particularly since it is misspelled, in that leprosy is not a good thing, and should this phrasing be connected to some other being, an insult could very well be happening.

The tree endures all the pain but continues to live as it heals over time.

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Meaning of Poem On Killing a Tree by Gieve Patel