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George recruits his miscreant son, Sam, to help. You can do what you want with it.

he played sam in life as a house:

George : Works with Guster. Sam : I hate turkey. I'm finally building something of my own.

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George got a severance package when he was fired, and he determines to tear down the shack he lives in, build a new house, and win the love and respect of his son, all in one summer. So that i-if I got good grades in school, then I was a pussy for not playing football, or-or if I Whether it is George and Robin we like, or Kline and Thomas, is beside the point--the characters and actors amount to the same thing. Sam : I think there has to be a door between where you cook and where you crap. Alyssa : Look, I thought I was helping you. George : Well, I'll apologize for everything but today! Peter Kimball : His father's a man. Having me here trying to get me to like you? With George still unable to leave the hospital and continue his work, Sam decides to hang Christmas lights from the house. That Sam and Alyssa will become friends, and a little more. Sam listens intently and their bond grows stronger. It is a little deadening to realize, at about the minute mark, that the problems of every single major character will be resolved by the end. George : No, you're not going anywhere.

Peter Kimball : He respects nothing. Look I thought we were just friends. I really need to talk to Alyssa. George passes away shortly after, but Sam and his family and friends finish building the house.

Sam Peter Kimball : His father's a man. After he is fired from his job, he has an emotional breakdown. George even states he is happy for the first time in ten years as he is building his home. What kind of a problem?

I still had to be smaller.

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Look I thought we were just friends. No glue sniffing, no huffing, no pills, no grass. Robin : I wish you'd talk to him. Sam undoubtedly suffers from substance use disorder, secondary to his underlying depression. Some episodes in the movie seem especially contrived. One may wonder what happens after George dies. Sam initially storms off because his father lied to him and he felt betrayed; however, when George is admitted to the hospital Sam returns to building the house and even places enough Christmas lights so George can see the house from his hospital window. Always smaller. And if he couldn't
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