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E-Commerce, more than other business systems, often involves selling products and services that are based on IP and its licensing. Also, IP is involved in making E-Commerce work. The law does not require the presence of defects or inconsistency in the good quality; neither any reason for return has to be mentioned.

Who, then, wants to create new works? An Intellectual Property Audit An important administrative task for an ecommerce business is to take stock of your intellectual assets.

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Consult with your legal adviser prior to disclosing anything pertaining to your intellectual property Violating Someone Else's Intellectual Property Your ecommerce website contains product descriptions and images. For that, you will need to have done an intellectual property audit at least once.

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Continue Reading. Intellectual property law protects against disclosure of trade secrets and, as a result, against unfair competition. Do not forget those pesky licenses on the materials and programs you used to build your own intellectual property.

This article does not describe comprehensively all legal aspects of the online business.

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Is it possible that you are selling fakes? But as you grow, your flagrant intellectual property violations will stand out.

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The contract for its creation should cover a wide range of legal issues. Next, you should take inventory of your trade secrets. Trademarks are an essential part of E-Commerce business, as branding, customer recognition and good will, essential elements of Web-based business, are protected by trademarks and unfair competition law. Establishing the validity of an online transaction either by producing a document or record in writing, or recording or retaining of all the necessary information in electronic form, are the two ways in which a documentary record can be established that a transaction has taken place between the consumer and the business. The Definition of Intellectual Property There is no universally accepted formal definition of intellectual property IP. An intellectual property inventory will consist of any designs, sketches, artwork, website designs, photos, music, scripts, unique alterations of your product, new processes developed for your services, and the like. Other important issues in the contract are clauses for tests and warranty period for debugging, assigning rights and responsibility for the actions of subcontractors if any provisions for disclosure of confidential information made known to the contractor in connection with the creation of the website, clauses for warranties and liability for failure, and others depending on the specifics of the contract. Industrial property deals with the inventions, trademarks, commercial names and the like How Is Intellectual Property Important to Ecommerce? The owner of the website should receive right to use the website without restriction in time and scope, to make changes in it, the right to update and improve website without limitations, depending of the changing business needs and conditions. Rights of Intellectual Property By creating an e-commerce website emerged a new object of intellectual property and all copyrights and related rights with regard to their use in the website must be clearly stipulated in the contract. Intellectual property can be primarily categorized into copyright and industrial property. Website The well optimized and functional website with friendly user interface plays a key role for the success of the e—commerce. Published rules for the protection of personal data must be drafted in compliance with the law.

They sure make your site a more engaging.

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Understanding the Legal Aspects of E