Is odysseus a good leader based on books 9 and 10 in the odyssey

However, by lashing himself to the mast, he exercises self-control when he knows he would otherwise have none. Polyphemus ridicules this idea; he does not care about the gods.

does odysseus care about his crew

First, the crew greedily opens the bag of winds, even disloyally suspecting Odysseus of keeping his treasure from them. They suspect that the ox skin contains great treasure, which they feel should be shared. Aeolus is impressed with Odysseus and treats him with classic hospitality.

Is odysseus a good leader based on books 9 and 10 in the odyssey

Circe calls them into her halls and gives them a potion that, like the lotus, erases from their memories any thoughts of home. But the Polyphemus episode is important beyond serving as a plot point; we learn much about Odysseus as a leader - both his strengths and his flaws. Persephone queen of the underworld. He sacks the land of the Cicones but loses men and time in the process. The leader should be one to follow, just like the game, follow the leader. Odysseus reminds his audience that he has already told them of this. The men arrive at the island of the goddess Circe. He drifts back to Charybdis, from which he barely escapes. They are sent back to Aiolos' island, and Odysseus explains to him what happened.

He witnesses the punishment of Sisyphus, struggling eternally to push a boulder over a hill only to have it roll back down whenever it reaches the top. There he pours libations and performs sacrifices as Circe earlier instructs him to do to attract the souls of the dead.

Is odysseus a good leader in book 9

Yet Odysseus is far from heartless, and he mourns the men's deaths along with his surviving mates. Circe fixes them a feast and adds something to their drinks; once they drink it, they are turned into pigs. The next morning, Odysseus rouses his men for the imminent departure. As Hermes predicted, she asks him to sleep with her; he first makes her promise not to use any more enchantments. Aiolos hosts them for a month, and then provides Odysseus with a bag containing storm winds to help them sail. I am alone, outmatched. Persephone queen of the underworld. When Odysseus goes to rescue them, Hermes approaches him in the form of a young man.

Eager to move on, Odysseus receives an ox-skin pouch from Aeolus. Table of Contents Odysseus Odysseus has the defining character traits of a Homeric leader: strength, courage, nobility, a thirst for glory, and confidence in his authority.

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