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This paper could be seen as a combination with theory and practice. Most of the questions would be closed questions. Let us also suppose that the initial cost of the project is C0 and apart from this, the firm would have to spend on the project an amount of Q in the 1st year, C2 in the second year,…, Cn in the nth year.

Then, the payback period is 2. Given the range of investment appraisal methods and the need for a business to allocate resources to capital expenditure in an appropriate way, what key factors do management need to consider when making their investments?

Based on the design and structure of the research, the data that was collected from sending the questionnaire would be analyzed and get results in the next section.

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If the IRR is greater than a cost of capital, the project should be accepted and vice versa. Simplified and hybrid methods are used as well, such as payback period and discounted payback period.

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That is why m is called the internal rate of return or average rate of return. Many firms set what are known as "investment criteria" against which they judge investment projects. Other techniques such as the payback period were less popular, but were still being used by a majority of companies. Capital budgeting is the planning process used to determine whether a firm's long term investments are worth pursuing Stulz, The size of the investment An investment that uses a substantial proportion of the available business funds is, by definition, more risky than a smaller project. The internal rate of the return model equates the cost of the project to the present value of the project. The first part of this section is mainly about the design of this research, which includes the survey techniques, the process of this survey and the structure of the questionnaire and so on. Introduction 1.

From this sum, the initial outlay is deducted to find out the profit in present terms. The reason might be that the IRR is clarifying, but it uses cash flows and recognizes the time value of money, like the NPV. Since small firms are a significant source of job creation, it is important to better understand their techniques even if they don't always conform to the normative approach.

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Even the best-known firm in an industry or a community can increase its borrowing only up to a certain limit. Several capital budgeting techniques are available to assist firms in evaluation of a capital budgeting project.

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Evaluating Investment Appraisal