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In fact none of the positive was educated beyond 12th standard.

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Gujarat has developed more structured strategies for distribution of condoms because they are also using commercial distribution as distict from Maharashtra. Adolescents and students accounted for another This center was established in December This has been attempted in various ways, using TV radio, the printed media and forms of folk art. Only The wider clinical setting itself can provide enabling environment and reduce the stigma and discrimination. A successful communication program helps to promote behavioral change, in addition to increasing knowledge regarding the disease. Using the Bayesian melding approach, iterations were used for fitting the initial guesses for ANC sites and iterations for higher-risk group sites. The adult HIV prevalence males and females together in India in is estimated as 0. In the male-dominated culture of India, women are vulnerable to HIV infection. The condom promotion by the Red Ribbon Express in the absence of an adolescence education programme in Gujarat has increased the awareness young people and also uneducated people who obtained information about using condoms for HIV prevention for the first time in their life. The empowerment of attendees and empathic attitude of staff at center is crucial, as clinical staff can set an example by exhibiting stigma free attitudes. The Maharastra focuses more on social marketing and has also established a key role in the prevention of HIV among the high risk groups. Such study shall in evaluating the performance of ICTC and designing the information, education, and communication IEC to increase the client uptake in terms of quality and quantity. Maharshtra is very large state, the weakness in ART programme is the absence of link ART centres for those patients who travel from a distance to access the facilities for their treatment.

The data used in Demproj for calculating the population size included the Census population data ofand and the Expert Group Population Estimates and Projections of India. Round Table Conference Series: 6 April This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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In states where the mapping exercise was not concluded, the higher-risk group population was estimated as a proportion of people with higher-risk behaviour as reported under the NACP-III document. Assumptions over other state-specific HIV characteristics included age and sex distribution of new infections, proportion of those newly infected progressing need for treatment by time since infection, proportion of adults in need of treatment, proportion of adults dying due to AIDS-related causes without treatment by time in need, annual mortality among children in need of treatment but not receiving treatment by age, annual survival of adults and children on ART, probability of transmission of HIV from mother-to-child, etc. Limitations: Current study is subjected to certain limitations since it was conducted in an institute with a predesigned schedule, therefore, results are based on the reporting and data collection by the personnel employed in the VCTC. AIDS and Tuberculosis. Education and occupation showed an inverse relationship, whereby the HIV prevalence decreased with improvement in education and job nature. Anonymous and unlinked information was collected on predesigned schedule and data was analyzed to find out the seropositivity, demographic characteristics among attendees and HIV positives , and epidemiological vulnerability of different segments of population. Figures obtained in December show that 22, patients were registered at the six A. Both central and state governments along with NGOs, and international organizations are funding the condom promotion programme for the prevention of HIV and are providing free services of ART treatment for the HIV patients and other people under palliative care and implementing strategies for prevention programmes How to cite this assignment Choose cite format:. Medical officers in the ART centre examine the patients and suggest drug treatment for ART which are distributed from the centre to the patients together with proper counselling of the patients by the appointed counsellor. Results and discussion The tools used for generating HIV estimates and the data used as mentioned above allows for production of estimated HIV prevalence and incidence trends from the beginning of the epidemic to the current year and projection for the future. One of the exhibitions in Gujarat was called the red ribbon express which took place with the help of a train, Its main objective was to make the people aware of the AIDS prevention programme and spread the message of long live. An additional objective is to find out sero positivity in subsamples of the attendee in terms of various socio-demographic and epidemiological characteristics.

Maharshtra is very large state, the weakness in ART programme is the absence of link ART centres for those patients who travel from a distance to access the facilities for their treatment. India's vulnerability to the AIDS epidemic can be attributed to pervasive poverty, huge illiteracy, less awareness, promiscuous behavior, and adverse attitude towards condom use.

The HIV prevalence in the present study 4.

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The strength of the Maharashtra programme for implementing ART is that they have very a knit infrastructure in both rural and urban areas. It was also high in those living alone compared to those staying with their family.

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Estimate of HIV prevalence and number of people living with HIV in India