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He fell to his knees and ripped of the lids and pulled out Diamond Princess Barbie. Habib was born in Afghanistan but had travelled to Madison, Wisconsin where he earned a Ph. Torres' 6B class.

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Because of that, here is name calling and some violence in the novel. Meanwhile at home, Fadi's family learns that Mariam may have been taken in by a family with two boys who were trying to get to Peshawar. He thinks back to when they arrived in Peshawar. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Write a short essay describing the photograph and your thoughts. Present your poster to friends or classmates, making sure to explain why this book is special to you. Include photography-related language to write a journal entry describing an experience in your own life. At first, Fadi wanted revenge against the bullies, but then he changed his mind. Where were the books that appeal to boy readers? Monday, June 6, Shooting Kabul by N. Noor and Habib were so worried about getting me on board the truck that they lost track of Fadi and Mariam. Music, movies, books and photography were banned, women were forced to wear the burka, and schools for girls were closed. Zafoona needed better medical care for a cold that had turned into a serious illness. His plan is to board a flight to London and then to catch a plane to Peshawar.

His eyelids flickered open. Panicked by the approach of the Taliban, the truck driver announces he is leaving. He knows it the honorable thing to do, but somehow Fadi just can't talk about what happened that night in Afghanistan yet. Why does he reject this picture as his contest entry?

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Do you think she intended for the reader to think of more than one meaning at the same time? Basil E. Even a Mexican is called a terrorist by an adolescent. What are some of the true facts in this book? He misses his sister, and feels that he has let his family down. He shook her with all his might and started banging her and Soccer Barbie against the concrete floor. Senzai's father-in-law's experiences are mirrored in those of Habib making the novel a very personal story. Go to the library or online to find a recipe for mantu. From the terror of a narrow midnight escape from the Taliban, and the tragic loss of the youngest child, to the final resolution of the story, the action moves through so many ups and downs, some of which are world events, others more personal. Meanwhile, they are still looking for Mariam and Fadi desperately needs to win that photography contest so he and his father can rescue her.

Although he had put them off for the time being, it is inevitable that they will return. His mother, who had been ill in Kabul, has gotten worse because of losing Mariam; to help the family out, Noor has taken a job at a McDonald's until high school starts, and Habib, despite that American PhD, is driving a cab.

How does the contest experience help the family find Mariam?

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When a photography competition with a grand prize trip to India is announced, Fadi sees his chance to return to Afghanistan and find his sister.

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