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Research papers on nursing home abuse jersey jcq coursework guidelines ohio physics to kill a mockingbird racism essay plan yahoo answers coursework thesaurus kid essay coursework my ambition in life to become a doctor class 10 hours ccot essay ap world history japanese datenbank dissertationen kunstgeschichte hamburg Jackson: They pilots are able to maintain flight only when given parachutes to create lift and hence maintain flight.

I could also change the material and see if I get a similar pattern of results. First, I will collect the apparatus I need and set it up as shown in Diagram 1, below. All of the methods worked well apart from the timing.

Parachute lab physics

I will investigate the resistance of a wire in relation to its length. Conductors have resistance, but some are worse than others. Even though there is more gravity acting on the larger parachutes the smaller ones are more streamlined and also have less air resistance. Diagram 2 Variables There are different variables which can be changed in this experiment. Judaism parachute intro template. Also the graph I drew showing the results I expected matched the pattern of the actual results. Another thing I could change is the height I drop the parachutes from and see if this effects the conclusion I have made, also the weight could affect my idea about air resistance.

Regarding the two anomalous results I circled on the scatter graph, they might not have been accurate because of the method of timing. I will then turn the power pack on and record what voltmeter and ammeter readings.

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These two factors, therefore, meant that they fell to the ground in a shorter time. This will reduce the chance of false readings and will cancel out any anomalous results. I did not have any problems when I was carrying out the experiment apart from with timing.

To ensure accuracy I will record the voltage and the current three times every 5cm and take the average reading.

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This is because the free electrons in the wire bump into more atoms, thereby making it harder for electricity to flow. Judaism parachute intro template.

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