Essay on originality

The ability to create physical matter out of something abstract such as emotion, thoughts, and ideas is a gift many over look as an ordinary phenomenon. In the words of Lawrence Lessig, A free culture supports and protects creators and innovators. By close study, a novice gained appreciation of the elements that make an effective oration, and could then imitate them.

It remains important always to use appropriate linguistic conventions and maintain the academic register throughout. Bold individuals who succeed in throwing all their cards in to take a shot at being original and starting a new trend usually spark followers in a copycat industry if they succeed.

Essay on originality

This is not to say that originality does not have a place in a modern society, it does or else we would never change or move forward as a society. At its core, this is an anthology for anyone interested in the process of learning. If you speak more than English, think about translation issues and how that may affect thought. Robert Frost was born to an editor for a father, and a member of the Swedenborgian church. Or a hardware store manager. Charles Dickens conveys this message primarily through his protagonist, Pip, in his classic Great Expectations. A great example of this exposure includes Mississippi State University hosts an annual Academic Integrity week during the last week of October. Robert Frost takes imagery, emotion, symbolism, and he often uses nature in his poetry to not only paint a picture in the readers mind, but also to create a more of each work. Read widely and engage at a serious level with the available and relevant research in order to lay the foundations for originality in your essay. When I was in kindergarten my teacher told my father I was a hyperactive and unruly child. Henri Bergson goes as far to say that if one thinks in terms of commonly used words, one will never attain originality but remain anchored to the status quo. However, you will also increase the likelihood of demonstrating original ideas and avenues of inquiry.

It was, however, a higher order of imitation. Attribution seems artificial in a world saturated with references to familiar songs and popular culture. Seemingly, Elizabeth studied alongside his brother foreign languages like Italian and Greek while living in their countryside home at Hope End, near London.

Without stability the power of a society is severely cut, when a society has no geo-political power it would soon be annexed by a more powerful state, and order and imitation would be enforced upon the members of the society in question, but with imitation there are several effects that make imitation well worth it; imitation is the key to discipline in armies and without an army we would quickly be absorbed by another foreign state, imitation allows policies for the betterment of society to be enforced, creating an infinite number of possibilities for improvement of the human condition.

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Use of them indicates that language is guiding your exposition rather than that you are guiding your language for exposition. Occasionally, however, it is possible to bring in theoretical ideas from other related disciplines to shed a new light on old material.

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