Essay on my idea of happy life

Let there be an ideal, a purpose, a meaning and mission in life, and devotion to that mission.

Essay on my idea of happy life

My faith too is important to me and therefore, it is essential for happiness that I should be able to live in a country, where the people walk in freedom to practice their own faiths. Besides, wealth cannot be amassed by fair means. They like to possess all the luxuries of life. Besides, you will not be a parasite or a dependant on others and your free mind will bring you immense happiness. Singapore today, is a living example to the world, of this. Like most of my fellowmen, I am a gregarious animal and therefore, love and human companionship are important factors in my idea of a happy life. The teachers devote their vacant periods in correction work. Related Articles:. The most successful and productive people in the world take advantage of this spark, adjusting themselves and finding motivation to dig on in this tunnel of life.

The idea underlying this struggle is to make life happy and prosperous. Sometimes poverty, adversity and sufferings may help you to bring out the best in you.

How to be happy in life essay in english

Then only will equality and the rule of law will be established on a permanent basis. The more we possess, the more unhappy we are. So, also love, affection, sympathy and fellow feelings are necessary on your part for making your life happy. My idea of happy life is quite practicable. This is not so in every country of the world, and when freedom of speech and of action is taken away, as it regrettably can be, then all hope of happiness goes with it. Man desires more and more wealth, more and more power. Those who mistake pleasure of happiness do blunder. This is their pleasure of life. Then how to achieve happiness? But my views in this respect are quite different. You can get health of body and peace of mind by following the principles of hygiene and ethics. The first is health.

What is important is that how you enjoy and use the money you already possess. But, is this really the answer?

paragraph on concept of happy life

Health of body and peace of mind are necessary for living a happy life. All should be equal before the law. But what does happy life mean?

Then, I think, I could be happy. Besides, you should sincerely try to alleviate their sorrow. Therefore, he left his kingdom and all in search of happiness, bliss and salvation. They should be able to eat healthful food, wear suitable clothes and live in comfortable homes.

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