Essay on bpo industry in india

So business process is outsourced to overseas units or services or party which specializes in it.

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For this I will use the following data collection methods: Surveys can be divided into two broad categories: the questionnaire and the interview. An attempt is then made to verify the revised theory by going back to the first step and repeating the whole cycle.

Essay on bpo industry in india

It can be found from various journals, publications, organization, annual reports of different companies etc. Outsourcing means, to allot jobs or give tasks to be done, to an external unit. But increases in infrastructure costs, real estate costs, and salaries raised BPO costs significantly. Banks are increasingly outsourcing more activities to third parties and relying more heavily on vendors now more than ever before. The Offshore Multi-sourcing Model or Hub-and-spoke Model Uses multiple offshore suppliers to offset the risk of a single monopoly supplier. The Indian BPO sector is soon to employ over 1. In this dissertation most of the quantitative data will be based on survey and questionnaire. The global BPO Industry is estimated to be worth billion dollars. Youngsters from lower, middle-class families also end up earning well.

This business sector is very diverse, with several segments and sub segments, each displaying its own unique characteristics.

Today this is very common and a job in which India is leading -the huge human resource, we have definitely proving useful.

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When and where to outsource When a company decides to go for outsourcing, it should analyze the prospects of the company. When experienced people and experts in BPO handle the work of companies automatically the quality or standard of the company improves.

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Secondary Research Method: Secondary data are those data gathered and recorded by someone else prior to the current needs of the researcher. BPO horizontals and verticals BPO horizontals are function-specific and could spread across different industry domains.

Bpo outsourcing companies in india

Large multinational outsourcing service providers offer this model where work can be "bestshored" or "multishored" to the location where optimal cost and labor efficiencies are met to predetermined performance standards. It will either tend to confirm the theory or indicate the need for its modification. This study will explore why and how Business Process Outsourcing is now a major industry in India. To increase their profit margin, BPO is one of the ways. Vertical BPO concentrates on functional services in specific industry domains such as manufacturing, retail, finance and accounting services and healthcare. Whatever the business world chooses to call it, business process outsourcing is a proven management strategy helping businesses survive and thrive in the boundary-less global economy. The risks of setting up an outsourcing subsidiary in a foreign country are completely borne by the partner company which takes care of the costs and ownership of the new venture until such time as the client chooses to take it over. India has come out to be major player in the outsourcing business since past a few years. An attempt is then made to verify the revised theory by going back to the first step and repeating the whole cycle. This whole process or method allows the companies or organizations to concentrate on their main business. Services outsourced to India include the functions within administrative support, inbound call center services, technical support, document processing, financial and accounting Services, intellectual property research and documentation, supply chain management, legal process outsourcing, regulatory compliance documentation, medical transcription, payroll processing services, sales and marketing, publishing, research and analysis, infrastructure and facilities management, human resource management and training, the list goes on. In essence, it encompasses entrusting and ensuring a third party with company functions. In order to qualify under this definition, BPO contracts must involve the provider taking overall responsibility for the business process and not just supplying IT applications or services to facilitate the process.
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Business Process Outsourcing Essay