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Christian Beliefs Victor prays as a hurricane approaches, just in case his parents had been wrong about God all those years. This is a fear illustrated in the characters of Norma, an American Indian woman who rejects alcoholism and unemployment, and who fancydances as well as she boogies.

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He takes pride in his work and sometimes gives money to the prostitutes there so they can take a night off. He says I better learn how to shoot left-handed if I'm going to keep playing basketball. Alexie foregrounds the role of storytelling in his writing, however, not only as a means by which Native Americans can keep their collective memories alive, but also as a way that individuals can survive the daily assaults of Eurocentric culture on their imaginations and sensibilities.

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Some people think it is useful and entertaining, while some people believe otherwise and think it is ignorant and a waste of time. Although he has never had an alcoholic drink his entire life, Samuel Builds-the-Fire drinks this day.

We'll take a look right away. The idea of the "authentic Indian" appears frequently in Alexie's stories. All I Wanted to Do Was Dance Victor recounts a number of drunken episodes from his life and how drinking destroyed his relationships and led to an all-consuming despair.

Indeed, after understanding the implications of incorporating one cultural form of expression—that is, Native American verbal art—with a literary genre that has historically and contemporarily dominated and oppressed it, we can more thoroughly comprehend how Alexie simultaneously disentangles himself from what Owens calls a collaboration with a tool of colonization.

If characters work, they use their hands, driving trucks, sewing quilts, or clerking. He writes solely on what happens to and in the lives of Indians. They grew in the ground like seeds and became white men.

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Uncle Moses responds by telling Arnold their own story. Themes Postcolonialism Postcolonial literature seeks to describe the interactions between European nations and the peoples they colonized. Some of these practices include weaving historical figures and figures from popular culture with characters created by Alexie. After learning that his father has died in Phoenix, Arizona, Victor decides to retrieve his belongings and his ashes. He forges a strong friendship with Arnold, a young boy who is teased by his friends. He says all that and more. Most helpful essay resource ever! His only solace is playing basketball, but he loses this after twisting his knee.
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The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Summary