Electrostatic lab

Other materials such as glass are insulators.

electrostatic induction

If the wire or path is subsequently disconnected, the conductor as a whole is left with a net positive charge. In the conductor, electrons are free to move through the material, and some of them are repelled over to the opposite surface of the conductor, leaving the surface near the negative rod with a net positive charge.

Electrostatics at home lab

Neutral particles do not interact with electrical forces. Each metal atom contributes one or two electrons that can move relatively freely through the material. The steps we took to get to our experiment is we chose two random objects and cloths that we believed would work well together to create static electricity. Other materials such as glass are insulators. You can ameliorate this effect somewhat by shining a heat lamp on the insulators in the apparatus. The polarization of charge in the insulator is small, but now its positive charge is a bit closer to the negative rod, and its negative charge is a bit farther away. Their divergence indicated the presence of charge.

Analysis Questions: 1. This process is called charging by friction.

electrostatics lab high school

General Analysis: 1. Their divergence indicated the presence of charge. Materials such as metals are conductors. The conductor has been charged without actually being touched with the charged rod, and its charge is opposite that of the rod.

When we charge a material by friction, we are transferring some of the electrons from one material to another. A neutral particle is not affected by electrical forces.

Hold the plastic rod tightly. Once we realized what was going on we put all the information we knew about electricity all together and came up with a conclusion about why the materials we chose created static. At the bottom of the rod, very thin gold leaves were folded over hanging down, or perhaps a gold leaf hung next to a fixed vane.

Investigation 2: Notes: As we put the rod near the electroscope the needle began moving.

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Electrostatic Lab