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With more acquisitions or alliances in other parts of the world the company can enhance its revenues. Thus, the snack industry has great opportunity and growth potential.

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They have distribution also in Mexico, Canada and Caribbean. It also solves the long list problem where organizations ends up making a long list but none of the factors deemed too critical. This statement is straightforward and informatively average. This can largely be attributed to its upcoming line of healthy drinks such as Dr Pepper ten 10 and also the availability of discretionary income by the populace after the depression. The current asset ratio and liquid asset ratios suggest that the company can use the cash more efficiently than what it is doing at present. The business model includes both the company- owned, direct-store delivery DSD , and third party distribution. Situational Analysis It is the vision of Dr. Stable free cash flow provides opportunities to invest in adjacent product segments. Soft drink companies face an ever changing world market. Growing strengths of local distributors also presents a threat in some markets as the competition is paying higher margins to the local distributors. Strong distribution network — Over the years Dr Pepper Snapple Group has built a reliable distribution network that can reach majority of its potential market. Internal Audit 1 Management team with wealth of experience in the LRB industry 2 Separation from Cadbury Schweppes allows continued ability to focus on their beverage business.

Huge future potential in health beverages market and scope for international expansion: Health beverages are the future trend in the market as there is huge scope for new product introduction in both domestic and international market.

Organizations also assess the likelihood of events taking place in the coming future and how strong their impact could be on company's performance. SWOT analysis may lead the firm to overemphasize a single internal or external factor in formulating strategies.

Pepper Snapple Group I. A comparative example could be - GE healthcare research helped it in developing better Oil drilling machines. This may be due to the fact that the company was recently listed as a public company and is inexperienced in the capital market.

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Opening up of new markets because of government agreement — the adoption of new technology standard and government free trade agreement has provided Dr Pepper Snapple Group an opportunity to enter a new emerging market. Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi Co and Dr Pepper Snapple Group all offer products in every major non-alcoholic beverage category which directly competes with one another. This can impact the long term growth of Dr Pepper Snapple Group Limited success outside core business — Even though Dr Pepper Snapple Group is one of the leading organizations in its industry it has faced challenges in moving to other product segments with its present culture. A a result, DPS has very little power as there can be price fluctuations in the commodity market; though it can be said that Dr pepper still has little control over the prices they ultimately end up paying, by entering into forward contracts for the delivery of resources, and so on. He emerged out a long discussion about entering the energy drink business and off he went. Due to the current post-recession economy, growth is expected to be slow since existing demand patterns are expected to change as consumers become more health conscious. Limited market opportunities in North America can also affect the sales of the company. With a brand heritage spanning more than years, the DPS portfolio includes some of the most recognized beverages in the Americas. A net margin of To what extent should acquisition, joint ventures, licensing agreements, and or internal growth tactics be pursued? Opportunities for Dr Pepper Snapple Group — External Strategic Factors New environmental policies — The new opportunities will create a level playing field for all the players in the industry. Limitation of Weighted SWOT analysis of Dr Pepper Snapple Group This approach also suffers from one major drawback - it focus on individual importance of factor rather than how they are collectively important and impact the business holistically. Soft drink companies face an ever changing world market. Increase in production of bottled water to meet the need of the market. So top line growth for DPS has in turn outpaced that of both its competitors.
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Dr Pepper Snapple Group SWOT Analysis Matrix [step by step] Weighted SWOT