Developing an effective customer loyalty program

A coalition is essentially an alliance of people, factions, parties or nations that unite. Having a good blog that includes ideas and advice as well as promotions, will help ensure that your customers stay engaged, up to date on news, and eager for more information.

There is a good number of these customers and they are nicely profitable. Four factors should be taken into account if you are exploring creating a loyalty coalition.

Here are some facts: Keeping an existing customer costs up to five times less than winning a new one.

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Managing tiers of customers In a paper, Valerie Zeithaml of the University of North Carolina and colleagues proposed a pyramid structure for thinking about customers and labeled them: Platinum, Gold, Iron and Lead2. For example, there would be little point in developing a 1 Customer Loyalty Program for Steinway pianos—they are typically a once in a lifetime purchase and customers who are considering a Steinway usually hold the opinion that competing brands do not offer comparable goods1. As the cost of the reprints is small compared to their fees, they are quite price insensitive. Social Engagement Offering points for social engagement helps encourage consumers to become advocates for your brand. Should you go it alone or join a coalition? Customers endowed with status feel much more distinctive and apt to spend more if they know that there is another class of people hose endowed with silver status, for instance below them. Loyalty program development can be a challenge. In passing it is worth noting that it is sometimes worth allowing such customers to buy back into the benefits of the elite tier; for example, the cash price for membership in airline business class lounges sets the reference value for those who earn the benefit and no monetary cost solely through the frequency of their purchase activity. The only downside to these highly effective systems is that the expense of running a full customer relationship management CRM system identifying customers by name and address, tracking all purchases, analyzing behavior and responding requires a substantial initial investment and an on-going commitment to fund the operation. The customer should be able to easily locate the information for your program on the website or through company sales professionals.

Imagine that this magazine were to offer a custom-reprint service. How could we improve our business relationship? Different customers have different needs. Consider hotels: The major international hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, Kempinski and Sofitel all offer rooms and services that are of a roughly comparable standard.

There are specific prerequisites for such programs see text box: Characteristics of a good loyalty program : The customer must purchase the goods frequently and must have the discretion to purchase from a number of different providers who all offer roughly equivalent goods.

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An Iron customer for this business might be a university that pays for reprints used once a year as part of an orientation program for incoming graduate students. Here are six ideas that may give you some fresh thoughts for your program.

What makes a good loyalty program

Is a loyalty program right for your business? Some of the benefits might be priority support, special seminars you host or tickets to special events. They are reliable customers, but they shy away from expensive products and only order once a year. Affinity: Offers are based on customers interests designed to build long-term high value relationships and generally does not include rewards. Rewards can be bigger and more varied. This might happen, for example, when a road warrior is promoted to a head quarters staff position. How satisfied are they with our company? Fortunately, Annex Cloud marketing specializes in construction and execution of loyalty programs that are guaranteed to continuously engage your consumers, increase return on investment, and generate more revenue for your business. The more opportunities the customer has to use their membership, the more engaged and loyal they become. Customer acquisition is invariably expensive. The second way to get more business from existing customers is to get them to buy more often. Different customers have different needs. Managing tiers of customers In a paper, Valerie Zeithaml of the University of North Carolina and colleagues proposed a pyramid structure for thinking about customers and labeled them: Platinum, Gold, Iron and Lead2. Although various forms of Customer Loyalty Programs have probably been around for millennia, leadership in the modern form is largely credited to American Airlines AAdvantage program begun in Buy n get one free Not all rewards programs involve the collection and redemption of points.

Tier Systems Your loyal customers will stay loyal if they continue to receive rewards and benefits.

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6 steps to create a customer loyalty program