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Maybe she was innocent there and because we weren't allowed to visit we missed it. All the time, he wanted another kind of life, but made no assumptions that it would happen, not least because of his fondness for biographies.

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She was picked on, though it would have been different if she were higher up in the birth order. Lisa called about maybe getting a cupful of ashes, and the woman said no. In eight collections of essays including the most recent, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, Sedaris delivers wry observations of his family, friends, self, and the weird people with whom he finds himself. Indeed, he even made Clare Balding accompany him on a rubbish-collecting mission for the Radio 4 programme Ramblings. And in your life, what surprise is there? So he went up to the podium and, in the absence of a prepared speech, told a joke, which he repeated for me. One of those siblings, his sister Tiffany, committed suicide five years ago, a few weeks before she would have turned As early as the age of ten or so, Scott would tell me he had a different family in another dimension and no little brother and that someday he'd disappear into their loving arms forever.

One thing that I've been saying to people about your book is that, if you've had someone like Scott in your family, it's a grinding wheel. And I think a lot of times people do, especially because they cause you so much pain, these messes. And it was published inso it must have been toward the end of her life.

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So when I look at that story it just seems bratty to me, and ignorant. Except for my father, and Paul when he was young, nobody seemed to care. I ask him if he was immediately aware of the narrative possibilities for one of his anecdotal stories. Even when there wasn't any danger. Were you out as a gay man with them before you were out with your parents? Or almost. I hope it was different with them. Her friendships were intense and then they burned out, they ended in fistfights, they ended with restraining orders. At the time it wasn't a whole lot of fun, but I certainly don't hold it against her. There never seemed to be an innocent period with her, a period of dating or having a crush. I don't know.

She had not known she was pregnant. David Sedaris: I had a happy time with my family.

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Yes, but as Tiffany got older she couldn't hold that in her mind. One of his first invitations when he moved to the countryside was to a meeting of the Clean and Tidy Advisory Board, in the wake of a cross letter he had written to the council.

But Scott eventually killed himself, too, and by then it wasn't so surprising, though one always wondered to what extent the drugs and drink contributed to his mental illness or vice versa. You know.

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Read this one as a student and view your difficult classes or stodgy professors in a new light.

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David Sedaris: ‘Something horrible has happened to you? That’s not enough’