Cardinal wolsey

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His leading advisor, Thomas Cromwellwarned him that his enemies knew what he was doing. Archbishop of Canterbury Warham remains neutral on the matter, but Wolsey faces sharp objection from Bishop of Rochester John Fishera strong supporter of the Queen.

When the French are notified of this by accident through Henry's Secretary, Richard Pace who is aware of Wolsey's arrangements with FranceWolsey brands Pace as a French spy and has him thrown in the Tower of London to cover his own tracks. He then picks up the small dagger used to eat his food and commits suicide by slitting his own throat.

Cardinal wolsey

This became known as the Evil May Day Riots. He began in the spring of by sending "visitors" to various monasteries in order to record the conditions and habits of the monks.

On his recommendation he was sent as an envoy to the Emperor Maximilian in Flanders. Cardinal Campeggio arrived in England at the end of September

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Wolsey’s Own Accord