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My employer wanted me to extend my contract, but unfortunately that time only three years was the maximum allowed unless I changed my passport and used another name. I assisted him with his daily activities, bathed and fed him, and also made sure he took all his medications in time.

The very next day Maxentius's body washed ashore and they paraded his body through town One might not think that such an average boyhood prank could evolve a boy into a man who would become the most financially successful film director in history.

How to write a biography about a famous person

In order to write a great biography essay, you'll need to develop a thesis statement about them and write supporting paragraphs with information about their life and work. Twain used the trials of his life to make his works humorous and all-time American classics While waiting for the result of the board exam, I worked as a volunteer nurse at Antamok Mines. Hamilton was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis or St I went back home to Philippines. Then, the body should include the crucial events in your life in a successive manner. Family life was unstable. While I was forging a name for myself in the academic and sports circles, my social life was in a really bad state. Ranch Album Flora enlisted the help of a wet nurse and, with the help her and Eliza, Jack London was raised. My father, Mr. Some example thesis statements: Though Marilyn Monroe had fame and fortune, she was a troubled woman whose self-destructive habits may have ultimately led to her tragic early death.

To prove that Genghis Khan was the greatest ruler, we must go back to the very beginning of his existence. My plan is to save for my future since I have no family and I am single.

He lived a wonderful life as a poet and essayist. I do not know if I always use more than one way of knowing in order to gain knowledge in my personal life.

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It is easy to hurt my feelings, and I am unable to watch the news or read about painful subjects without weeping. As you do your research, take notes of interesting facts, dates, events, names. His parents lived in Elkhart, Texas where his father was the owner and operator of Woodard Cleaners and his mother, Bubbie, as he called her, was the owner and operator of a beauty shop.

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How are they remembered? Vita was justly devastated about the lose of her house. As a rebellious runaway slave that later became known as the greatest abolitionists in history believed in his liberty more than his own life. However, my abilities were not limited to the classroom alone. He is an extraordinary person that has changed and shaped the way of the future. My interpersonal skills and nursing skills were developed during my stay at Antamok Mines Hospital. One great person is Karl Marx.

However, my abilities were not limited to the classroom alone. Poetry was not only a part of her life, but an integral part of her soul.

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It is said by the age of five he was already proficient of writing and reading.

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