Analysis of the demographics in europe

Analysis of the demographics in europe

This scenario only models regular migration. But it would rise far more dramatically, to The share of Muslims in Germany 6. And if the heavy refugee flows seen in recent years were to continue in the future on top of regular migration the high migration scenariothere would be more than 75 million Muslims in Europe as of In the medium migration scenario, with projected future regular migration but no refugees, the Muslim share of Europe would rise to The high scenario assumes that these refugee flows will continue in the coming decades, not only at the same volume but also with the same religious composition i.

This is in part because these countries did not receive a high number of asylum seekers during the past year.

europe demographic collapse

The refugee flows of the last few years, however, are extremely high compared with the historical average in recent decades, and already have begun to decline as the European Union and many of its member states have made policy changes aimed at limiting refugee flows see sidebar.

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Immigrant share of population jumps in some European countries