An introduction to the super conductivity a natural phenomenon

types of superconductors

That year, a pair of IBM scientists published research showing they had achieved superconductivity at about 30 K. The catch is, it needs to be kept colder than Pluto. And in the grand scheme of things, they were baby steps. Simply speaking, the pairs can overlap, or even include other pairs within a longer pairing.

superconductor temperature

The form of the solution which he found turned out to be especially simple when expressed in a highly ingenious mathematical form. You might picture it this way: Our first electron tries to start a conversation with the positively-charged ions.

superconductivity basics

In the current lighting up a household light bulb, the electrons are taking their sweet time, moseying along at only a few inches an hour! Contrast that with a condensation in real space where they assume nearly the same positions.

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