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His wife, Mabel, died in Januaryjust five months later. This led him to invent the microphone and later the "electrical speech machine" -- his name for the first telephone.

Daisy married botanist David Grandison Fairchild, whom she met through the National Geographic Society; the couple had three children. As a quiet but powerful tribute to Bell, people all over Canada and the United States refrained from using their telephones during his funeral.

Legal Challenges After their wedding, Alexander and Mable traveled to Europe demonstrating the telephone. Other Inventions By all accounts, Bell was not a sharp businessman and by began to turn business matters over to Hubbard and others so he could pursue a wide range of inventions and intellectual pursuits.

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Alexander Graham Bell is generally considered second only to Thomas Alva Edison among 19th- and 20th-century inventors. Although it was a successful system, the telegraph was limited to receiving and sending one message at a time, using Morse code. Others claimed they had invented the telephone or had conceived of the idea before Bell. In February, they successfully sent a photophone message nearly metres between two buildings. Visit Website After the deaths of his older brother Melville James and younger brother Edward Charles from tuberculosis, Bell and his family moved to Ontario, Canada, in , seeking a healthier climate. With financial support from Sanders and Hubbard, Bell hired Thomas Watson as his assistant, [N 14] and the two of them experimented with acoustic telegraphy. The change in current was what transmitted the sound. Although the telephone appeared to be an "instant" success, it was not initially a profitable venture and Bell's main sources of income were from lectures until after He later said that if he had understood electricity at all, he would have been too discouraged to invent the telephone. The first major breakthrough occurred on 2 June Although Edison had invented the phonograph in , he soon turned his attention to other technologies, especially electric power and lighting, and his machine, which recorded and reproduced sound on a rotating cylinder wrapped in tinfoil, remained an unreliable and cumbersome device. From then on, Bell divided his time and his research between the United States and Canada.

Although his invention rendered him independently wealthy, he sold off most of his stock holdings in the company early and did not profit as much as he might have had he retained his shares.

By singing into a piano he discovered that varying the pitch of his voice made different piano strings vibrate in return. By Bell and his colleagues his cousin Chichester A. Later that year, Bell's second brother passed away.

The following day, Bell gave his father, Melvillemost of his Canadian rights to the telephone.

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Alexander Graham Bell and the History of the Telephone