Advantages and disadvantages of free higher

negative effects of free education

However, things started to change recently. Some critics of free college say it would be too expensive to implement.

disadvantages of free education essay

Therefore there is a strong case for the government providing higher education free at the point of use. This is especially important for middle-class families, who send a higher proportion of people to higher education. After all this discussion, it is evident that free education has its caveats.

In the UK, the government have phased out grants and introduced top-up fees. Check out our student loan calculator.

advantages and disadvantages of free tuition in the philippines, pdf

Con 4: It offers no way to control what people study. Education should be wisely used to our advantage. One possible solution to this dilemma might be the implementation of a system with a tuition fee cost depending upon the socioeconomic status of each applicant.

Advantages and disadvantages of free tuition in the philippines

Increased employment: Free education means that most students will have the opportunity to access education and therefore increase the prospects of being employed. Indeed, a close look appears to suggest that the higher the state funding is, the fewer universities tend to rank high. Schilling, Heather. And Top up fees enable more investment in universities. If people have to pay to go to university, you could argue that they would value the education more. First, it was Denmark — in — then, Sweden — in —, and finally Finland — in — the ones that introduced fees for international students coming from outside the European Union. Arguably, there is a greater social benefit from providing vocational training — e. This then creates a more well-educated workforce and a population that has better critical thinking skills.

One of the center-stage issues of the presidential political season concerned the affordability of college education. PRO: More People Would Go to College By negating the large bill of a college educationwe could see an increase in the amount of students able to attend college.

Advantages and disadvantages of free higher

If people have to pay to go to university, you could argue that they would value the education more. Yet it should not be free for all. They also point to the example of Brazil, a country with free college where wealthy students reap a lot of the benefits of tuition-free education at public universities. Consequentially, the diversity of students at elite schools, medical colleges and law schools may decline in states offering free college tuition at public institutions. Kids attend K schools regularly without paying for tuition, books, and other educational costs. Offering free college tuition could expand the middle class. If the tax does not increase, average education will be provided and there would be no improvement in the economy. There are several countries which offer 4-year degree and graduate degree programs that are free already. By making college free, each state would be forced to come to grips as to how they would afford this option. If all public colleges and universities are made tuition free, we could see the decline of private vs. To earn an upper middle class income, many students are finding that a graduate degree is becoming necessary. The lowest completion rate is for students attending a two-year public college. It is highly beneficial especially to people who are intelligent and capable but cannot afford education. Lack of personal attention and touch: Free education means that there will be more teacher to student ratio which will negatively impact on the personal touch required between the teacher and the student. By increasing government funding to schools, tuition could be frozen or lowered, and fewer students would need financial aid to make ends meet.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Higher Education Essay Example