A history of confucianism in chinese culture

He was greatly concerned with how successful societies should work, how rulers should rule and how relationships should be maintained. Confucius occasionally made statements about the existence of other-worldly beings that sound distinctly agnostic and humanistic to Western ears.

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Zhu Xi, Wang Yangming and the other Neo-Confucians gave Confucianism a more thorough system of metaphysics and distilled a more clearly codified value structure from the ideas of Confucius and his early disciples. Even if some means to control and reduce corruption and nepotism have been successfully used in China, Confucianism is criticized for not providing such a means itself.

The philosophy of Confucianism comes mainly from the speeches and writings of Confucius, a great Chinese thinker and educator.

The majority of Asia experienced changes in government and dealt with inter and intra state conflicts when the countries were most susceptible to influences from alliances made with other countries.

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Ren, sometimes translated love or kindness, is not any one virtue, but the source of all virtues. He was expelled from states many times and eventually returned to his homeland to spend the last part of his life teaching.

The method undertaken was to find all of the remaining scholars and have them reconstruct, from memory, the texts that were lost.

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Essay The Influence of Confucianism on Chinese Culture